The Cath Lab Support System is designed to support a patient during a Catherization, X-Ray, vascular intervention or other procedure within the hospital setting where patients are medicated prior to or during the procedure.  This safety support system consists of two main parts.  The first part consists of a table strap portion, which is made of 4” durable polymer straps with a Velcro connection that can be wrapped around several types of procedural tables (Catherization or other type of tables).   This table strap will allow attachment without damaging the table surface or integrity of the table and allow ease of adjustment for different patient sizes.  The table strap also has ballistic nylon “loops” that allow for the second part of the support system to be used.  These nylon loops attach directly to the patient strap arms, which then wraps around the patients mid section in order to secure them to the table. The entire system is simple to use and stays attached to the table for the entire case.  Upon completion of the case the system can either be left on the table for the next procedure or removed for cleaning purposes. The Polymer straps are incredibly strong and have 1800lbs of shear strength and the industrial strength Velcro has a 14lb sear strength rating per square inch.  With a standard 10 inch over lap of the 4-inch strap it will provide over 500lb of support security to the table and patient.  The strap material does not interfere with X-ray radiation or fluoroscopy (radiolucent). The system is designed to be placed below the EKG lead placement and can be quickly removed for emergency access to the patient’s chest. The patient straps can be adjusted to fit around any arm board system, which allows the patient something to rest their arms on; or, the straps themselves can be used to support the patient’s arms.  The system can be adjusted for patient size and is reusable until the Velcro arms show signs of wear.  F&H Products the makers of the Cath Lab Support System recommends replacement of the patient Velcro arm straps every six months and the entire system yearly to provide maximum benefit and support. This patented system is not a restraint, but is intended to give the patient a sense of security while lying on a narrow table during a procedure.  Additionally the system will remind the patient to not lean or shift on the table while the straps are in place.  The Cath Lab Support System was designed and requested with the help of hospital health care workers and physicians who recognized the importance of safety issues involved when patients are semi-medicated. This patented system can be retrofitted to be used on all heart Catherization tables; EP tables and V.I.R. pedestal tables.  For further information on the Cath Lab Support System contact F&H Innovative Products, LLC @ 800.591.6002 or click here to e-mail us. Item: CLSS-40 (Volume Pricing Available) ADDITIONAL PICTURES

How to attach your Cath Lab Support System

How to properly position Cath Lab Support System on patient